About Us

About bestpricecandy.com

We are premier distributors of wholesale, bulk candy. We have some of the cheapest prices on bulk candy online. Although we offer cheap prices our quality is top notch. Housing over twenty-five hundred varieties, in the top brands. We carry an array of bulk candy and chocolates such as Old-Fashioned Candy, Novelty Candies, Childhood Favorite Candies, Wedding Candy, Candy Bars, Top Brand Candies, Other Special Occasion Bulk Candy, and more to suit our customers' tastes.

bestpricecandy.com is proud to serve its community of customers, fans, and followers. We strive to deliver our bulk candy with pride, to our many convenience stores, event coordinators, sports concession stands, general stores, gift shops and more throughout the United States. Our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality candy at the best and most affordable prices is what we consider to be of primary importance to the customers' desires and the success of our company.

Our customers are always our first priority. Your orders, needs, and shopping experiences require our personal attention from start to finish. If there is a product that you are searching for and cannot find on our site, contact us and we will see what we can do about getting this product in stock. As a company, we make it part of our mission to address the customers needs as arise during the process and before we ship an item. Our simple and effective on-line ordering allows for our customers to place their orders immediately and for orders to be fulfilled and shipped promptly. (3-7 Business days)

Check Out Our Story

Meet the Founders Else Dewing, and Brian Bennett:

Having grown up working in the gourmet food and confectionery industry, the yearning for sweet and delectable treats has always been part of the greater plan in my life. During the crucial years of my life, I was fortunate enough to have a remarkable role model in my grandmother, a first generation American who taught me all about business. The ways of doing business, the importance of values, honor, and conduct and why these pieces were all necessary at once to be successful. While some may say well, of course, to be taught this at a very young age, pulled me in the right direction from the start; it was my foundation that I credit and give thanks to for everything.

I have now been in the Candy Business for Seven years and running, and I still and always will value customer service, product quality, integrity and honesty as much if not more today as I did the day I learned about the ways to do business. If there comes a time when those building blocks are lost or become second to another, it will be time to throw in the towel. My favorite candies are Haribo Gummy Bears, Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles and my all-time cannot resist it Reese's Pieces. There really are some things that just don't age. My sweet tooth, will always for the most part crave the simplicity of my youth.

"Allow the sweetness of a treat to blend with laughter and savor the flavors of memories past."(KED)

Who We Serve

We serve any one who enjoys candies, chocolates, taffy, gummy candy, or any other sort of sweet candy treat. We cater to the individual looking for their favorite candy bar for personal enjoyment, or to the businesses looking for a candy supplier. Our website is open to take orders 24 hours a day. If you have in questions please contact us by phone during normal business hours, or by other methods after business hours.

How We Save You Money

One way we save you money on candy is we don't pay expensive advertising costs, instead focusing our company on cheap shipping, and product quality. Advertising is extremely costly and other candy companies pass this increase in cost to the customer. We run our business on good reviews, word of mouth, and repeat customers.

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives have a great knowledge of the candy we offer, and are crazy about candy in general! They can answer all of your questions concerning our candy and chocolates. If you have a question regarding any of our products, please let us know and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have.

Product Quality

Our warehouse is both clean, and well maintained. Our inventory is turned over constantly, and any of our candy or chocolates that become within 6 months of the expiration date, are donated. We take great pride in delivering the the exact, fresh, delicious candy, that you had in mind when you purchased the candy. We stand by our candy being both fresh, and delicious when it gets to your door.


We offer a very competitive flat shipping rate to 48 states across the USA. All our candy is boxed up with care, and ice packs are shipped free, with chocolate candy. To get further information on our shipping policies Click Here.


Although we have wholesale online prices we offer additional wholesale discounts for businesses, and companies buying large amounts on a regular basis. PleaseĀ contact us, and a customer service representative will get you started.

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